A Day Out in Nashville: Oktoberfest and Ed Sheeran

Okay, so this one is going to be about more than just a day. It’s more of a day that lead into a night, that lead into a morning.  But, isn’t that the best kind?!

If you have been reading my blog you know my husband and I like to go on fun dates. We aren’t the “dinner and a movie” type. Not that there is anything wrong with that and we will do that ourselves occasionally. Right now, we are in a season of life where it’s just the two of us and our puppies, so we are taking advantage of it. 

Sometimes we plan things well in advance and other times we will just spontaneously decide to do something new and fun. This most recent outing was a combination of both planned and spur of the moment. 



If you had asked me three years ago, if I liked beer, I would have made gagging sounds and probably rolled my eyes. Then, I met my husband, and he introduced me to a type of beer that I had never tried before. Imported, craft beer. Now, I still rather have a fruity cocktail over a beer any day of the week, but I can actually say I enjoy the taste of a few select beers. So when my husband suggested we stop by Oktoberfest before the Ed Sheeran concert, I was totally game!


I always enjoy festivals like this in Nashville. They are awesome for people watching and you know where ever there is beer, there are shenanigans! There were a lot of people in costumes and even some dogs were dressed up for the event. The worst part of Oktoberfest, were the lines. We knew there would be a crowd, but man it was painful to stand in those long lines for drinks and food. It was worth the wait though because everything was great. I had a big pretzel to try and soak up some of the beer and Justin had Sausage and fries. 


Oktoberfest was a fun and yummy start to our evening! 

Ed Sheeran


After finishing up at Oktoberfest, we grabbed a Lyft to lower Broadway. Our destination was Bridgestone Arena. We have seen so many concerts there together, that I have lost count of how many. I do know that this was our third time seeing Ed Sheeran. He has been my favorite artist since his “+” album came out. Justin and I danced to Thinking Out Loud at our wedding. I have made it my life goal to see him every time he comes to Nashville. 

As per usual, I sang until I lost my voice, and danced until my feet screamed at me to stop. 


During the show he announced that he would be back in Nashville, next year (insert fan girl scream here), at Nissan Stadium! I knew he was doing a North American Stadium tour, but had been disappointed when I didn’t see Nashville in the list. This was a huge surprise to find out he would, in fact, be back in my city. He even came out for the encore sporting a Titans jersey. 


Needless to say, I am pretty thrilled that I will be able to see him again in 2018! 

After spending the night living it up in the city, we were feeling pretty old and tired the next morning. A hangover cure was needed and that meant a filling breakfast and a big coffee. 

We were going to stop by Biscuit Love, seeing as we live here and have never been. Then, we remembered why we have never been and that’s because there is always a line of tourists outside, waiting. We needed nourishment fast, so we decided to try another place that was new to us: Milk & Honey.


It was absolutely delicious! We both got breakfast sandwiches with home fries (potatoes) and they hit the spot. It was more food than I could even eat. My drink of choice was amazing too. The Dirty Chai Latte. A Chai tea Latte, with a shot of espresso. Yum! 


We had a great weekend out in Nashville! Who says a date has to stop after a certain amount of time? The next time you have a date night, keep it going and see where the night takes you!

Until next time! 

Much Love,  


My Top 5 Travel Essentials

I absolutely LOVE to travel. Over the last two and a half years, my husband and I have been all over the world. As a result, I have gotten better at navigating airports and I know the things I need to make a long trip as painless as possible. Don't get me wrong, I love to fly, but even the most experienced traveler starts to get a little antsy after 13 hours squished in an economy class seat. 

These are the items that I won't leave home without:

1. A Comfy Sleep Mask

Travel Essentials

I worked 12 hour night shifts for two years after college. I know the importance of a good sleep mask. I have a little collection of these, that I acquired over those two long years. I'm also super picky when it comes to sleep masks. It can't be too tight or itchy. If it's too loose it will slide right off. The best kind has an adjustable strap and a breathable, fabric surface. My husband also likes it when they have funny animal faces, for his entertainment, obviously.

2. Bluetooth Headphones

Apple AirPods - Buy Here

apple AirPods

Cords are a thing of the past! Sure you want to be able to plug into the airplane speakers in order to watch the complimentary movies, but the airline offers headphones for that. For the rest of the trip you will want to be able to move freely, without the constraint of cords. Listening to some light music helps to keep me calm and relaxed. I recently got my hands on a pair of Apple Airpods that I love and will definitely be taking with me on future trips.

3. Amazon Kindle

Travel Essentials

No long trip is complete without some good reading material. I love the feel and smell of an actual book, but when you have to prioritize your packing, it's best to not bring your physical books with you across the world. My Kindle has been to just as many places as I have, because I do not leave home without it. Reading is a great way to pass the time while you are traveling and it can often make me feel like I get to my destination sooner than I expected.

4. Portable Battery Pack

Travel Essentials

We live in a world that is dominated by technology. I carry so many things that need to be charged on a regular basis. My iPad, Apple watch, Airpods, Kindle, and iPad (yes, I am an Apple fan). If you spend a day jumping from airport to airport and taking long flights then you might find yourself with a bunch of dead and useless devices. I have been that girl in the airport, holding her phone and charger, and running around with a desperate look in her eyes, thinking "someone please have pity on me and let me use that plug for just a few minutes!"

No judgment! It happens to the best of us!

That is why a battery pack has become an essential item on my packing list.

5. Kate Spade Zip Planner

Kate Spade Zip Planner

I am not usually a fan of having a zipper on my planners in my day to day life. It tends to get in the way and I much rather use a planner with a button clasp. However, when you are on a trip, you want to feel like your most important information is protected. Your drivers license, your passport, your money and credit cards. They need to be secured and for me the best way to do that is with my Kate Spade Wellsley. Any zip planner will do, but it works best if you have card slots and pockets to tuck your cards, passport, and boarding pass into.

After multiple long flights, these are the things that I know I need to have with me. They help by either making the trip go by faster or by keeping me organize and sane. What are some of your travel essentials? Is there anything you can't leave home without? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!

Much Love,



A Day Out in Nashville: The Way Late Play Date

Way Late Play Date

Hey y'all! I'm back again to tell you about my most recent Nashville adventure. Last week, my husband and I had tickets to the Way Late Play Date at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville. This is something that I have wanted to do for awhile. It's a really awesome fundraiser that the Adventure Science center puts on four times a year. They open up after hours, but only for adults that are 21 and older. It's $35 for each ticket and that includes full access to the exhibits, three drink tickets, a planetarium show, and some pretty cool activities.

Each Way Late Play Date has a theme and the one that we attended, on Thursday night, was all about Pixar! I love me some Pixar movies, so that by itself was exciting!

Way Late Play Date

We started out our evening by having dinner at one of the food trucks they had conveniently parked right outside the Adventure Science Center. Once we got inside, we checked in and received our cups and drink tickets. Each ticket can be used for either beer, wine, or soda and there are stations set up throughout the event that offer these refreshments. 

After using our first drink ticket, we went exploring. We held a sea urchin and touched a starfish. We stopped in for a planetarium show, where some of our favorite characters from the movie "Up" talked about the constellations. We played a lymphocytes versus pathogens game and I was able to geek out a little. If you don't know I am a Medical Laboratory Scientist by day, so the Adventure Science Center is my ultimate playground! 

Lymphocytes and Pathogens
adventure science center

They had a Pixar costume contest. We didn't participate, but it was fun to see the costumes of everyone who did. They also had Pixar trivia, a cartooning class, and a "Sid's Backyard" toy building activity.  I was impressed with all they had to participate in and honestly it was well worth the the $35 ticket.

Sid's Backyard Toy Building
Adventure Science Center

We had a blast having drinks and getting to play like a kid for the evening! I know we will definitely be participating in this event again in the future!

Defeating Planner Confusion

Currently, I am in what I like to call, "a season of crazy". I just have a lot of things on my mind, a lot of personal stuff going on, and it seems like I have very little free time to deal with it. Over the past few weeks I haven't been getting much enjoyment out of planning. (Gasp!) I think we all go though "ruts" like this with our hobbies. It's nothing unusual and it tends to sort itself out in the end, but if I happen to notice I'm in one of these seasons, I like to try and do my best to ease out of it.

Planner Stack

Planning helps keep me sane. It helps me to feel a little control over the chaos. I am a firm believer that God is going to take care of me, but I don't think He sees anything wrong with me scheduling out my time so that I can be a better servant of His. With that being said, I am at a point where I'm just living day-to-day, trying to make the best of it.

But that isn't good enough.

I want to be a better steward of my time and I want to get back to the nitty gritty of planning. One of the main things that trips me up, when it comes to planning, is the multitude of choices.

Planner Shelf

Do I want spiral bound, hard bound, disc bound, ring bound, or strings? Do I need monthly, weekly, or daily layouts? Or maybe all three? Vertical, hourly, or horizontal? Or maybe a bullet journal that I can just freestyle with?

Is your head spinning yet? Because mine sure is!

As I write this blog post, I am actually processing how to fix this situation that I find myself in. Planner confusion. It's real, y'all.

But here's the thing: buying ALL the planners is not the solution. Trust me. I have tried that. Now I have a lot of different planners and I am no closer to planner peace than when I just had one personal size, Filofax Original.

Filofax Original in Personal size

I just need a fresh start.

So, let's break this down together.

Here are a few techniques to help you defeat planner confusion:

1. Use anything and everything that you already own.

This may seem counterproductive, but sometimes the best way to defeat planner confusion is to embrace it with open arms. Let yourself try different sizes and styles. Switch up your inserts. Break out a planner you haven't used in awhile. I do want to emphasize the importance of using what you already have. Like I said before, you don't need to buy every planner. If you are a planner newbie there are still great ways to try different styles without breaking the bank. There are free printables all over the internet and there is always bullet journaling, which only requires a blank journal and a pen. I have actually jumped from one planner to another from week to week just to figure out what works best.

Bullet Journal Layout

2. Narrow down your needs.

Once you have spent some time trying out different planning styles, try to figure out what you need your planner(s) to accomplish for you. Do you need structure or a creative outlet? Do you need portability or a lot of space? Sometimes the answer is both and you may need more than one planner. That's okay too! One thing that I do encourage is to try not to have information overlap. If you are recording the same thing in more than one place every week that will most likely add to your confusion.

Daily Planning

3. Make it work for you.

Customize and personalize your planners. They don't have to look the same as everyone else's. You don't even have to plan the same way every week or month. The whole purpose of a planner is to help you get more accomplished by organizing your life. Don't feel like you can't change something up. Our lives don't always stay the same so why should our planners?

The longer I have been involved in planning and the planner community, the more I have come to realize that planner peace isn't something that stays the same. It's the feeling you have when your system is working for you, right in that moment. It might not work for you two months from now, and that's okay, because you can adapt and find planner peace again.

It's easy to get overwhelmed with the options out there. It's also easy to see pretty pictures on Instagram that make you want to have six different planners. If you are able to make six different planners work for you, then go for it, but if you are like me and it causes you more stress and confusion, it might be time to take a step back and evaluate your situation.

Erin Condren Life Planner

Much Love,



A Day Out in Nashville: The Taco Festival

If you have been following my adventures recently, you may already know that I started a new series called "A Day Out in Nashville." When you see that at the beginning of a blog post title, you know it's going to be about some of the things I have been up to in my beloved city. You can check out my first post in this series here.

This past Saturday I went to Centennial Park with my husband, his parents, and my little furry baby. They were having an event that I had been looking forward to for awhile: The Taco Festival!

Check Here to see if the Taco Festival is coming to your city any time soon!

The Taco Festival

We had an awesome time just walking around and checking out all of the booths. They had a lot of different Tacos to try (obviously) and you can't forget the margaritas! We started out by trading cash for tokens. Tokens are what we used to buy our food and drinks. One token gets you one taco and three tokens gets you a delicious margarita. 

The main event we were attending for was the AY! Chihuahua Taco Dog Beauty Pageant. My pup, Lucy isn't a Chihuahua, but we checked and they allow all dogs to enter that are under 20 pounds and have a friendly personality. Lucy fit the bill!

Lucy in her Taco Tutu

Isn't her outfit adorable? My mom is a wizard with a sewing machine and she was able to whip up this taco tutu and bandana for my little fur baby. Unfortunately, she doesn't sell dog outfits, but if you like the fabric she does have an Amazon shop you can check out where she sells valances using this fabric, as well as many others!

Lucy ended up winning third place in the competition and she scored us two extra tokens!

We spent the rest of our time there enjoying the ice cream, the music, the Taco eating contest, and maybe a few more margaritas...

This event was definitely one of the highlights of my weekend!

Walking the Taco Festival Stage

Much Love,


How to Create the Perfect Bath

I am the bath queen! It is true. We moved into our new (to us) home last Fall and one of the things I was most excited about was the deep, jetted tub, in the master bath. It was one of my bucket list items to own and I am determined to not let it go to waste. I use it at least once a week and sometimes twice depending on how busy my schedule is and over time I have learned how to create the most relaxing and enjoyable bath ever.

Here are some things that I use every time I turn on the faucet and let the hot water run:

Bamboo Bathtub Tray

This tray was a gift from my husband. He gave it to me shortly after we moved into our home and I have used it for every bath since. It slides to fit across many different sized bathtubs, it has a spot to prop up your tablet or book, it has dish for your soap, and a perfect spot for your beverage. It even has a place to slide the bottom of your wine glass to keep it from tipping over. I 

Amaze Balls Bath Bombs

I haven't always used bath bombs. I have tried everything, including oils, bubble baths, and epsom salt. They all have their benefits, but bath bombs are my absolute favorite. They are easy to store and use and they come in so many awesome scents and colors. I am currently obsessed with these Amaze Balls. They come in a lot of different scents and they have cute little toy in the center. The best part? They don't leave a colored residue on your bathtub!

Perfect Bath Time Music
Amazon Basics Bluetooth Speaker

No bath is complete without some tunes. You can create a special playlist for it or you can just browse your favorite artists. Make the experience even better by using a water resistant bluetooth speaker. I have one that I leave hanging on the towel rack, above my bathtub. It is always ready for me to sync with my phone and start jamming out to my favorite music, while I relax in the tub.

*side note: NEVER use your phone in the bathtub, while it is plugged into power!

Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon

I always have a book to read. Sometimes it's a physical copy and sometimes it's the Kindle version, but either way I love reading while I chill in the bathtub. While it's nice to rest your eyes and just soak for a bit sometimes, reading can be a good way to pass the time while you are soaking. Next time you take a dip in the tub, download a good romance or mystery novel and see for yourself how relaxing it is.

BioRepublic Aloe Rescue Sheet Mask

I'm a fan of face masks. I don't use one every time I take a bath, but I would say 75% of the time I do. I prefer to use sheet masks. They are quick and easy to apply and the best part is they have no mess at all. This one from BioRepublic felt amazing on my face after a long day out in summer heat.

Cobblestone Candle in Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Nothing sets the mood quite like a good smelling candle. I typically will leave the main light off in the bathroom and take my bath by candlelight. The combination of the flickering light and my favorite scent wafting through the air are enough to relax me right to sleep. Just be sure to place the candle at a safe distance from the tub, otherwise you may put the light out before you are ready!

Cupcake Wine Red Velvet

I know you are thinking I saved the best for last and you would be right. A glass of your favorite wine is the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing bath experience. If you get the bamboo bath tray that I mentioned at the beginning, you will even have a safe spot to slide your glass into. I really like the Cupcake Wine flavors, but feel free to choose your favorite. 

I hope you are able to take this list and create the most amazing bath for yourself. There is nothing like sinking into a hot bath at the end of a long day. With this combination of items you will be able to melt the stress and worry away and feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

What are some ideas you have for creating the perfect bath? Were you able to try out any of the ideas I suggested? Let me know in the comments!

Much Love,


5 Things to Start Tracking in Your Planner Today

5 Things to Start Tracking in Your Planner Today

So you may have figured this out by now, but there are A LOT of things you can put in a planner. It's not just a home for your calendar, appointments, and task list. You can use it to keep a record of so many things. Today I am going to share just five of those things that you can track.

TV show tracker

1. TV Shows. The hubby and I love to binge on Netflix and Hulu. We don't have a traditional cable or satellite service so that means we are either watching older seasons on Netflix or keeping up with new shows the day after they air on Hulu. When you have started what seems like a million shows, sometimes it's hard to keep track. That is why I dedicate some space in my bullet journal to keeping up with all of the series we watch.

Bullet Journal Travel Log

2. Travel Log. I love traveling! Over the last two and a half years, my husband and I have gone all over the world.  It has been so amazing and life changing. I wanted a way to document it all. I do plan on setting up a separate travel journal that I will probably be posting about at a later date, but for the time being I have created a little place in my bullet journal for keeping up with all of the places we have been. Another cute way I have seen this done is by drawing out a world map and shading in the different states and countries as you travel to them. If you have a love of traveling, this is a MUST for your planner.

Temperature Blanket Bullet Journal Spread
Weather Tracker Bullet Journal

3. The Weather. There are a couple good reasons to track weather conditions and temperatures in your planner. I like to include a weather forecast in my weekly spread so that I can refer to it daily and know if I will need a jacket or umbrella with me. Also, I track the daily high temps for the temperature blanket I am currently crocheting. Each row on the blanket represents a day in the year and the color indicates what range the temp is in that day.

Gratitude Log

4. You may not think of gratitude as something you can track, but it is! I know you have seen gratitude logs floating around Instagram. Maybe it's a short phrase added to the bottom of a weekly spread or maybe it's an entire section of daily thankful thoughts. Not only does it put you in a good mood to write down at least one thing you are grateful for, but it's also nice to have a record to look back on later. If you track this for a year and then you go through a rough patch in life, you will have something there, in writing, that tells you what you still have to be thankful for.

Online Purchase Bullet Journal

5. How often do you order something and then completely forget that you did? I am guilty of this for sure! My husband and I have a arrived home to a package before and we both looked at each other like, "what did you order?" Then, we come to find out it was a book that I had preordered two months ago. Even worse is forgetting you have something being delivered and having it be left out in the elements for a day or two before anyone notices it. A lot of good that weather tracking is doing you if you don't know you are leaving a package out in the rain! That is why I started keeping an inventory of what I have purchased and when. I also include the expected ship date. When I get  an email updating me on shipment or tracking I don't mark it as read until I have updated the information in my planner. This helps prevent unexpected deliveries from happening often.

So there you have it! Those are five ways I have been using my planner that you may not have thought of before. What do you like to track in your planner, besides your schedule? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!

Much Love,


Ipsy September Glam Bag Review

Hey ladies! 

September is already half over. Can you believe it? This week will mark the end of Summer and the beginning of Fall.

I am excited to let you know that in the coming months I will be sharing a lot of new content. One of the things that I am adding to my regular posting schedule is a review of my monthly, Ipsy Glam Bag!

Ipsy Glam Bag Review

This was my first month receiving an Ipsy Glam Bag and I was thrilled to see this pink package waiting for me in the mail. I love it when companies go the extra mile with things like packaging. It may seem small, but who doesn't love to get happy mail like this?

September Ipsy Glam Bag

September Ipsy Glam Bag

Let me start by saying that I am so clueless when it comes to cosmetics. It's not for lack of trying. I just don't alway know where to begin or what products to use. That's where the Ipsy Glam Bag comes in. What better way is there for a make-up novice like myself to try a lot of different products and figure out what works best for me? Yeah, I can't think of one either. My first Glam Bag did not disappoint!

Now, let's talk about this bag! I had spoiled myself on what it would look like before I got it. Ipsy sends you an e-mail the week your bag is due to ship out and you have the opportunity to see it and all of it's contents ahead of time. I'm a very impatient person, so naturally I had to take a peak. 

The outside of the bag is black and studded. I love how edgy it looks. It would even be suitable to carry as a small clutch on date night. It has a gold zipper and the inside is a beautiful Royal Blue. 

September Ipsy Bag Review

The day after I received my bag, we had plans to go out. I decided that would be perfect for trying out all of the products at once. I started with clean, moisturized skin and pulled out my first product. Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

The shade was great for my skin tone and the application was easy. It evened out my skin well, leaving me with a smooth surface to apply the rest of my make-up. There wasn't a foundation included in this bag so I applied my own powder foundation and concealer and then moved onto my eyes. The next product from the Glam Bag that I used was the Ciaté London Wonderwand Mascara in Black Magic.

Ciaté London Wonderwand Mascara in Black Magic
Ciaté London Wonderland Mascara in Black Magic

I absolutely LOVE the hour-glass shape of the "wonderwand"! The bristles are not clumped together so they are able to easily capture each lash. It worked great for lengthening and separating! I will definitely be using this mascara more.

After adding the finishing touches to my eyes it was time to move on to the next product from my Glam Bag. The Dirty Little Secret Lip Gloss in Nude Beach.

Dirty Little Secret Lipgloss in Nude Beach
Dirty Little Secret Lipgloss in Nude Beach

This lipgloss went on smooth and did not feel sticky at all. It is a super shimmery gloss, which I wasn't expecting, and is not usually my go to, but I loved how it turned out. I did have to reapply it twice during the day, which is not uncommon for lip glosses.

After finishing my up my face, I was ready to paint my fingernails. I started out with a simple clear bottom coat. Then I applied then next item from my Glam Bag, P.R.M.I.T Beauty GELlusion polish in Capricorn.

P.R.M.I.T Beauty GELlusion polish in Capricorn
P.R.M.I.T Beauty GELlusion polish in Capricorn

I received A LOT of compliments on this color! It is perfect for Fall. I will use it again for that reason, but I was not thrilled with the wear time. It started to chip on me the second day. I would expect that from a cheaper polish, but for a "Gel-Effect" polish you at least hope to get a few days out of it. Next time I try it out, I will use it with a better bottom and top coat polish to see if that helps.

NEOGEN Dermatology Real Flower Cleansing Water ROSE

The last product in the September Glam Bag is the NEOGEN Dermatology Real Flower Cleansing Water in ROSE. This was my first experience with a cleansing rose water, but it definitely won't be my last!

I used this after we had arrived back home and I was ready to turn in for the night. Since I had never used a product like this I had to read the instructions (I told you I am clueless). It said to saturate a cotton pad and just wipe it across your entire face to remove make-up and cleanse the skin. 

The smell was delicious, it felt cool and refreshing on my skin, and it did remove all of my make-up easily. If I had to pick, this would be my favorite product out of this month's Glam Bag. The Ciaté London Mascara would be a close second.

September Ipsy Glam Bag Review

So that's it! My first month experiencing the Ipsy Glam Bag. I will continue to use these products throughout the month and I will look forward to seeing what will be included in my October Glam Bag.

Have you ever tried Ipsy? If you have, what is the best product you have tried? Let me know in the comments! If you haven't and you would like to order your first Ipsy Glam Bag, Click Here!

Much Love,